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Building Websites February 17, 2010

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Building websites is something that I had always considered beyond my capabilities.  I really am not sure why because it is quite easy.  Weebly was suggested to me as you can create a free account with them.  What is even better is that the free accounts do not have advertising on the pages.  Weebly is really quite user friendly and it if you sit down you can just about build a site in a day, depending how complex you want to make it.

Here are the links to the three websites that I am working on.

The idea for building a website came up as I was thinking about a major project that I needed to do in my ECMP class.  I wanted to build a sample website of something that I could later impliment in my own classroom.   I had heard about webs, and it does have some great features, except for the advertising.  My ECMP prof mentioned that he had heard about Weebly so I thought that I would check it out.  I decided that I liked it better.

As I was looking at building my “classroom” website I was also thinking about the other projects that I needed to do for my ECMP class as well.  I thought, my not make my E-Portfolio on a weebly website.  So I started creating my E-Portfolio on Weebly.  The final project for the class is a summary of learning and I thought to myself, since I am creating two websites it would only make sense that my summary of learning should be about making a website using Weebly.  So, I created yet another website to talk about making websites.  While I was doing this my friends dad told me about this program called  FastStone Capture.  He said he used it everyday to take screen shots of his computer.  My question was, “Can you take video shots using the program?”  The one that my friends dad installed on my computer did not have the capability, but I googled FastStone and I was able to download a 30 day trial version that could take video of  my screen.  So with that tool in hand I sat down at my computer and took screen shots of the different things you can do to build a website.

These last few days have really been a learning curve in working with the internet and software programs that are out there.  It has been great.


One Response to “Building Websites”

  1. mbayda Says:

    your websites look pretty great! I think I’ll check out Weebly myself…looks pretty easy.

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