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Making Movies February 17, 2010

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Well, I recently learned that sometimes making movies can be quite challenging.  The problem is not always with the editing but more so with the crashing of the software and the refusal to edit properly.  I had a friend help me out with my computer and whatever we did it worked because the video is made and I am well…relieved.

I can hardly wait to make more.

PS, if you don’t have Free Video Converter it is a great help because sometimes movie files don’t save in the appropriate format.   I could not have made my final product without it.

And now, for the movie….

…. Introducing

“What if Cartoons Got Saved” music by Chris Rice


One Response to “Making Movies”

  1. tysonorr Says:

    I really liked this video! it made me giggle to myself multiple times. Great creativity!!

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