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The Adventure of Making Movies February 19, 2010

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Making movies on my computer has been quite the adventure.  To start from the beginning, I figured the best program to use would be the one that my computer came with – Window Movie Maker.  It has some great capabilities, but the problems started when for whatever reason the program kept crashing.  I finally decided that I was wasting more time trying to beat a dead horse.  I abandoned that project and started a new one in Video Impression put out by arcsoft.  The program worked well…but I had trouble publishing the first couple tries and it did not quite save properly.  Somehow the kinks worked themselves out and things were fine.  I watched the movie, the picture quality was ok, but not the best.

I did not realize how not the  best it was until I started working with screen shots and clarity of the picture was essential.  I watched the first published video and decided it was unacceptable.  So I went back to the drawing board.  I started searching for free software to download.  On the second program try I found the one.  VideoPad Video Editor.  This program was easy to work with, however, it is lacking in transition features and video effects.  For the purposes that I needed it for that was a very minor non issue.

To view the final product check out the two YouTube videos below

This adventure was definately a roller coaster ride of emotions as I celebrated when things were going right and sat frustrated when things did not turn out the way I wanted them to.  For anyone who has not made videos before the frustration is definately worth it.  Keep trying until you find something that works for you and with your computer.  I would not say that I feel my time has been wasted because the learning experience involved has been tremendous.  I will probably still end up looking for a better video editing program, but until that need arises I am happy with what I have.  I am a Windows/PC user and still refuse to switch to MAC, however, the one thing MAC has going for it is their video editing software.

The process I used for making the videos to show people how to use the different elements of building a website on Weebly ended up being simply complex.  I do not have a webcam or a built or separate microphone on my computer.  I did however invest $100 in a flip video camera.  I used faststone capture to do all my screen shots and videos.  I then used my video camera for the purpose of recording my voice.  I narrated each short video clip.  When I loaded the videos onto my computer I used a program called Free Video Converter to make the clips into audio.  I then added them to the screen shots and Voila! I had my made my movie.  Then I really got smart.  I wanted to create a video to upload to YouTube on how to make website.  Instead of re-editing my clips and adding voice I simply strung all my little clips together, made a couple changes.  Done!


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