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First Aid/CPR February 23, 2010

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Caitlyn Bartlett is working on developing an amazing resource.  This is one that I will probably use when I need to teach first aid/CPR.  Even though I have my manual and could use it as a resource I really do not feel qualified to teach this subject.  I am glad that someone is doing this.  Check out the website:

Ultimately I think it would be cool if all teachers could be certified by St. John’s or Red Cross to teach first aid.  Often we hear on the news about people being saved because of someone’s quick thinking, but the reality is that not many people have the knowledge or skill set to perform first aid procedures effectively.  I think we would have a healthier society if all students are taught comprehensively on first aid.  As children learn about signs, symptoms, different conditions, I think they are more likely to be motivated to keep themselves healthy so they will hopefully never become the subject of a first aider.


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