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Remixes and Mashups March 2, 2010

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Rip: A Remix Manifesto: This film is available online if you wish to watch it

Should information be available to all or those who own it?

In a society of equal rights and every things else information should be free and available to all.  A point that is made in this video is that culture always builds on the past.  I think that making a remix of something is a completely new creation.  How much of the stuff we do is inspired by something we read, watched, or heard?  Every single essay that we write is a remix of the work of several different authors and we call it a synthesis and give credit to the authors.  We call this fair dealing in Canada where we are allowed to use certain amounts of information from these authors.  We are allowed to copy 10%  of the book, yet we are not even able to do this with other media forms.  Often even in remixes credit is still given to the original composers.

Copyright is selective.  It creates status.  So, if for example, I cannot afford buy to books, CDs, movies, how am I supposed to learn and become cultured.  Copyrighting has evolved into a hierarchical society in which only the rich can learn and have access to current and accurate material.  When I do research projects and essays at university it is difficult to find scholarly information because it is all hidden in journals which I would have to sign up and pay for using a credit card.  I don’t even have a credit card!

With this said, should information be available to all or kept privately with those who can afford it? And why can’t we use the creative ideas from others to create our own works using the means available to us?


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