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The Copyright Wars of 2017 March 4, 2010

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This is a short essay that looks at the two different cultures of copyright and copyleft or creative commons.  You can read the essay here:

John Sobol contrasts the two different worlds that we seem to live in these days, people who are trying to stay in the past, keep things the way they are, and the youth of today who are building, changing mixing, and mashing.  I wonder if my parents generation ever realized this would be the future with the development of internet.  Here is a quote from his essay:

“Networked kids also understand that the point of digital tools is to connect—with music, with each other, with knowledge and mystery, with status, with stories.”

And why not? we have the tools available to us and we are going to use them.

Here is another quote showing the irony of copyright law infringement

The legal landmines that safeguard copyright are there to protect commercial interests from intellectual thieves, pirates, vandals and spies. (“Hi Mom, it’s me, the intellectual thief, pirate, vandal and spy, what’s for dinner?”)

As our use of the internet is evolving so should our rights be broadened to include the newer uses of technology.

I do agree though that there are some things that we should be paying for, but there also needs to be the element of freedom to do what we want with the things that we own.  No car company has ever protested when old models of their vehicles have been pieced together to create a new working vehicle, but music companies have a fit when we piece together pieces of their songs and display them for people to see, saying only we were creative to make something new from the old.

However, until things start to change, I intend to respect copyright laws and give people whose information I use credit.


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