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The Twitter Craze March 7, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kris @ 2:34 pm

Well, I joined the twitter craze yesterday.  I have been working hard on adding random people so that I can build a list of followers.  I am still learning the lingo and how everything works.  I have finally become convinced of its benefits after Alec has used it in class.

So all you bloggers out there who are reading my posts can search “Krista Woelk” or “Woelk20k” on Twitter and add me so that I can add you.

What are your thoughts about twitter?  Is this the next way of finding information or is it the worlds newest biggest waster of time next to facebook?


2 Responses to “The Twitter Craze”

  1. Sarah R Says:

    Well welcome to twitter. I confess that I haven’t done a good job at putting myself out there on it and I joined at the start of this semester. I’ll remember to add you. Not to sure what I think about it yet. Right now it seems like a simplified facebook to me.

  2. mbayda Says:

    Next GREAT way to find information and support! @mbayda

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