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Why Teachers Can’t Control Their Classrooms March 8, 2010

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Well, this title probably caught your interest and you are probably wondering what I have to say about this.  My title is the title of an article that I just read.  Follow the link here to read the article.  Just make sure that if you feel compelled to respond that you get an account and sign in before you write your response or you will lose it.  This article is touchy and except for one post at the moment does not appear to be written at all by educators but by older people who think that they know something about teaching.

Anyway, it is worth checking out and seeing what some of the perspective on teaching is out there right now with classroom management by non-educators who are hearing stories about educators and their classroom management


One Response to “Why Teachers Can’t Control Their Classrooms”

  1. mbayda Says:

    Yikes that was quite the strong-minded article. My idea: send the author into that Harlem classroom and see how well they fare!

    I think maybe the point is being missed in some discourse about classroom control: classroom management vs. student engagement. Are we really in this to just control kids?

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