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Blogs, Glogs, and say what?! March 12, 2010

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I tried out Glogster.  This is something that is really easy to use and there is even a classroom teacher option as well so that all Glogs are kept private within the classroom.  Glogster is like a blog, but it uses various forms of media to tell the story.  For example, you can upload music, pictures, videos, add frames to your pictures, choose what you want your music player to look like, add text, and so much more.  I could see this being a fun holiday activity assignment.

I for one, is not really a teacher that is up to assigning homework over the holidays, but if a students homework was to take pictures of the things that they did… well, somehow I don’t think that will be a big issue unless the family does not have a camera.  Which, if that were the case I would consider buying disposable cameras and scanning the photos or buying a cheap kids digital camera – you can pick these up for about the same cost as a disposable camera and the kids have the ability to look at and erase pictures.

I have included a link to my Glog below


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