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Trial by Audacity March 12, 2010

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Wow! so I downloaded and tried Audacity today.  This is definitely something that I will continue to experiment with and possibly use to make a pod cast.  However the one thing that I found, and maybe this is just my computer, Audacity will only export creations as a WAV file.  The MP3 option refused to work on my computer.  There is one problem… the WAV file does not want to play on my computer.  I can’t seem to do anything with it.  So, in all my computer wisdom, I downloaded an audio converter to turn it into an MP3.  And it worked.  I can now play it on my computer. Not likely that you will want to listen to the piece below as it is only the audio for the video clips I made a few weeks ago on how to make a website using Weebly.  I have included the audio more for the proof that I did use audacity, was able to upload to Sound Cloud and embed this in a place where people can listen to it.

I do want to try doing a podcast.  So if you stay tuned you may find one in my blog.

I also see a huge educational benefit to using podcasts with my students.  This is an especially useful tool for students who struggle with expressing thoughts, answers, and ideas through writing, but excel with speaking.  So, using podcasts with your whole class is an easy way to make adaptations for students without singling them out.  Using podcasts also fits into the English curriculum.  Students are required to do speaking, and usually in the form of public speaking and using podcasts is one way to make their speaking very public.  Additionally, the use of a podcast helps with fears associated with public speaking because the student will not actually see there audience at the time of recording.


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