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Underload to Overload March 13, 2010

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Well, as of the beginning of Januar 2010 I was not too sure about my ECMP class.  The first day was an information overload and I did not know how I was ever going to begin sorting through all the stuff that we were supposed to learn in this class.  Before I started the class I had about 5 different accounts and now I have something in the range of 15?  Several of these I had to create so that I could try out different things on the web and about half of them at least I have decided not to continue with becuase they were so basic you could not anything with them or for some reason or other did not meet my expecations.  Some of the new things that I have tried and kept using or plan to keep using are Weebly, Netvibes, Twitter, Sound Cloud, and WordPress.

Not all of my learning has all occured online.  I have also played around with and downloaded several programs.

Being a girl, I like to talk out loud and because I live with my grandpa he hears almost everything that I am attempting to do.  He warned me that I should be careful and not get to good with all this computer stuff or I might end up changing my career and go into some sort of computer related field.  I am learning how to talk through and troubleshoot my own tech problems and often I figure them out with a little bit of thinking.  For example, I offered to use my new movie making skills to develop a video portion of a class presentation.  I used my brand new flip camera to take all the video.  I added the clips to my computer and proceded to make the video.  I ran into trouble when for some reason the audio would not match the video because the video automatically slowed down.  After much talking to my grandpa and checking a couple different things, I concluded that it was possibly the file format the videos were saved as on my camera were not jiving with the program I was using.  So, I used my handy dandy video converter to change the files from MP4s to AVIs.  Voila! It worked and in about twenty minutes I had my movie made.

I am really glad that my computer skills are improving and that I am learning about different technologies out there.  I love being able to do the things that I can do now and teaching other people my discoveries so that they can share in the same good fun that I am having.


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