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Teachers Jackpot April 5, 2010

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Just like the title suggests, I want to declare to all teachers and educator out there, I have hit the jackpot!  At least, probably, one of many.  So if you have a “jackpot” website that you would like to share please include the link in the comments section for other people to access.

I have included the link to a speedtile site developed by sharnon007.  I have been following this person on twitter and she has some of the best websites out there that are incredibly useful to teachers.

Some other websites that I have found to be interesting, but more topic specific are below:–ResourceFrame&resourceId=12835 (you really want to check this one out.  Enter in your key word and grade level you are looking for.  This truly is an educators search engine) (this has online calculators, so for all you smart board teachers out there, this is a tool to check out) (because of the pop-ups on this page, you may want to copy the information to a different place on the web for paperless teachers, or print out and reproduce what you want.) (This one is for all teachers who still do spelling with their students (Here is someone else’ “Jackpot” that has been put together on this blog.;jsessionid=LxnXhkNzLshn2vb2b2jpKwVZl8H5q466TzFM1RpW9NBMhBnT1Nq8!-2078923157?CONTENT%3C%3Ecnt_id=10134198673229908&CURRENT_LLV_OAL%3C%3Ecnt_id=10134198673229908&bmLocale=en (This one is very cool.  Click on the element and a short video comes up talking about the properties of this element and what it is used for.) (Interactive visual learning about animal cells.  Students can then test their knowledge by taking a quiz after exploring the cell parts) (Very cool, interactive visual learning about plant cells) (This one looks at bacteria cells and allows students to test their knowledge from the tutorial.  Great interactive learning tool) (This is definitely a fun one for learning grammar)


Finally, First page of Google April 1, 2010

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Not a whole lot ever came up when I searched my name on Google.  I searched again today and the following picture is what I found.  My ECMP prof was telling me it would take some time, etc.  It was taking so long I was not sure if I should believe him.  Well… finally the day has come to pass when my professional portfolio page is on the first page, all be it at the bottom, but still the first page that comes up with Google.  So please celebrate my excitement with me.


Earthquakes March 26, 2010

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We have all heard of earthquakes that have been happening over the years.  Usually only the major ones make the news in Canada.  In 2009 17 earthquakes reached a magnitude of 7.0 and higher, 1 earthquake higher than 8.0 for a total of 18 quakes across the world.  This is higher than 2008 in which only 12 earthquakes were high than 7.0 and none higher than 8.0.  In 2007 there were 13 earthquakes that registered at 7.0 and higher and 4 earthquakes that came in between 8.0 and 8.5  The last three years hold significantly more earthquakes than 2006 where there were only 9 earthquakes that registered 7.0 and higher and 1 earthquake at 8.3  Prior to 1993, earthquakes did not even register higher than 7.9 and on very few occasions were the deadliest earthquakes from 1990 to 2010 register as the deadliest.  In fact, many of the strongest earthquakes had very few deaths, some having no deaths.

Ever since Haiti’s earthquake on January 12, 2010 there has been significantly more press about the earthquakes happening around the world.  So far there have been a total of 21 earthquakes.  Of these 21, 3 have been 7.0 and higher, 1 8.8 in Chile, and 11 earthquakes in the 6.0 range.

We also need to keep in mind some of the major after affects of these earthquakes.  The aftershocks felt in Chile rated higher than many of the earthquakes that are more commonly experienced around the world.  Chile’s 8.8 earthquake also triggered a pacific wide tsunami that affected hundreds of coastal villages as well as moved the earth’s axis by 3 degrees.

I don’t know for sure, I do think that a lot of these major earthquakes set off chains of small earthquakes – 5.0 and under in many places of the world.

I have included some links for you to follow for more information on the earthquakes that are going on around the world


$100 Computer March 22, 2010

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You may have heard of the $100 computer and one computer for every child education projects that really started to take off in 2006.  Below is the TED Talk, Nicholas Negroponte, who is heavily involved with the project.  I think the project is a huge benefit to the overal well-being of each country that is onboard.  When you educate the young population as they grow up they will have an increased ability to support the economics of their country.


How do students receive technology in the classroom March 21, 2010

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I have created a short pod cast talking about how students receive technology in the classroom and what this means for me as a teacher.

I just want to say, that I had fun creating this podcast.  I did all the editing in audacity and because I don’t have a microphone available I used my flip cam, converted the files to MP3s and put the whole thing together.


Two Great Recipies March 19, 2010

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I know that the only technology involved with these recipes is that I am posting them on my blog.  These are amazing and if you like to bake or cook here is something for you to try:

Stuffed Pasta
1 frozen spinach block
1 soft crumbly cheese (feta, ricotta, goat, etc) to meet the amount of pasta you are stuffing
1/2 – 1 block hard cheese (depending on size) (mozzarella, romano, anything that you can grate)
1/4 cup fresh or dried onion flakes
Garlic and any other seasoning to taste

Mix cheese and spinach mixture together
Stuff mixture into any large pasta – large seashells or canenelli
spread a thin layer of your favorite pasta sauce on the bottom of your baking dish
place stuffed pasta on top of sauce and spread remaining sauce over the top of the pasta shells
Bake at 350F for 1/2 hour

Best Cheesecake Ever (my own creation and is really good)
1 block cream cheese
1/3 regular container of spreadable creamcheese (of any fruit flavor such as strawberry)
1/2 c of ricotta cheese
2/3 c of sugar
1 egg

soften cream cheeses with beaters
Add ricotta cheese, sugar, and egg
Mix together until well blended and smooth
Pour cream cheese mixture onto crust of your choice (graham, or other base)

Bake at 350F until center is slightly wobbbly. Approx. 1/2 hour  Cake is done if it is starting to crack at the top
(optional) you can drizzle your favorite icecream topping such as chocolate, strawberry, or caramel syrup on
top of cheese cake before baking


The Allen Degeneres Show

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On my Tuesday night EPSY 290AA class we had these 45-50 minute group presentations that we had to do on either the chapters of a text book (done so that we did not have to buy the book) and for the remaining groups who did not get to read a chapter of the book a presentation on an educational journal.  The title of the journal that my group presented on was call Trauma to trust.  While we were thinking about our presentation, one of the group members came up with this idea that we could copy the Ellen Degeneres show.  We all thought that was a great idea.  One of the elements that she does is go out onto the street by the studio and ask random people questions.  So with my new found movie making skills I offered to video tape and create the video for our presentation.  I have to say that the class really quite enjoyed our presentation and were highly engaged.   Also, yeah! for incorporating technology, outside of the boring powerpoint, into our presentation.

Here is the street video portion of our presentation